The system for monitoring of photovoltaic power plants

GE MONITOR monitoring system was developed and tested on real operation of photovoltaic power plants. Photovoltaic power plants operate since 2009 a very low level ability to control traffic, finding broken parts, know how to respond to them quickly and the current state of the market with monitoring systems was very poor. That was the main reason for our company to own and develop solutions.

During the daily production monitoring system collects GE MONITOR data, which is then processed and displayed in tabular form in the GE MONITOR. The monitoring of photovoltaic plants (FVE) so you always have control over the production and possibility of control.


  • remote monitoring of photovoltaic plants from the comfort of your computer
  • see current energy production and its revenues
  • compare actual performance with potential performance
  • support most inverter manufacturers
  • show detailed characteristics of FVE and inverters
  • informed about outages and failures by sending an email

Maintenance of photovoltaic power plants

Our company provides a comprehensive service of photovoltaic power plants. We provide service inspection, cleaning, and continuous optimal operation of plants both our and our clients

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Monitoring systems
  • 17.57 MW Monitored power
  • 365525 MWh Total production
  • 408291 t Total CO2 savings
  • 1675 MWh Month's production
  • 1871 t Month CO2 savings